Jesus said: “Your Kingdom Come” (Matthew 6:10). We believe that what Jesus said is still needed for us today, not only for a distant future but God is building his Kingdom around the world in our days. We are to look for signs and news of His Kingdom and be those that will proclaim to the world of our King (Luke 4:18-21). Believing in this we are about the business of Hope. God always has a message of hope even amidst suffering and chaos.

We want to share 5 stories that will bring you Hope and help us to see how God’s Kingdom is expanding around the World today.

Christian Woman receives help from Muslims to hide from ISIS.

Last month, shortly after the Iraqi government regained control over some cities that were under ISIS control, a 60-year old woman that had been hiding from ISIS for 3 years was found. She had been helped by her neighbors, all muslims. In June 2014, millions of iraqis fled from MOsul and the Ninive plain. Georgette Hanna wasn’t able to get out in time and stayed behind in the city of Tel Kayf. Iraq is currently ranked in 7th nation with the highest rate of Christian Persecution.

Source: World Watch Monitor

The Kingdom advances in the Arab World

Against all ods, the Kingdom of God is advancing in the Arab world. There are many reasons for this. One of them is that the young population has been thirsty to understand their faith more. As a result many have started reading the Bible in order to understand more about Jesus, whom is cited in the Quran. The political instability has also made the older population to question the decisions of their religious leaders and governments.

Source: The Gospel Coalition

Three Christians are released in Iran

In June of last year, three christian men in Azerbaijahn were captured and put in jail in Teeran, capital of Iran. They were in traveling in holiday, celebraing a friend’s marriage. After being in prison for months, including going through time in solitary and endless hours of interrogation they were released late last year.

Source: Open Doors USA

Bibles on doorsteps in the Arabian peninsula

By the laws of many nations in the Arabian peninsula, it is forbidden for christians to talk to muslims about their faith. A Christian in that region, however, is sharing about the Gospel without breaking any laws: in the middle of the night, he goes around leaving Bibles at the doorsteps of muslim homes. There is no law forbidding that a muslim talks about any book that he has at his house. So, the next day, this Christian visits these homes and asks these families if they would like to know more about the “book”. As he has read through the Gospels, many muslims have been giving their lives to Jesus.

Source: Open Doors UK

Many are coming to Jesus in Qatar

Qatar is the 20th most persecuted country in the world, according to the 2017 World Watch List. In 2022, the country will be the hosting nation for the World Cup and much work has been done so that the event will be a success. In order to achieve this goal many immigrants have been working in the construction projects. Work conditions are not as promised and amidst so many challenges many of these workers have found support and relief in the Message of God’s Love. A buddhist recently declared that he had never imagined that he would come to know Jesus in a muslim nation, but many have heard about Christ and how much he loves them and wants to know them. The gatherings between the workers happen casually and the Kingdom of God has been expanding among football stadiums.
Source: Open Doors UK

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MORE’s Global Headquarter is located in Colombo, in the state of Paraná in Southern Brazil. From this location we coordinate international projects and provide support to our missionaries.

In Colombo, MORE has a Mission Training School, that is focused on equipping Christians that have the calling to go into missions and help the Suffering Church. MORE also hosts refugees that are unable to stay in their countries due to religious persecution or war.



In operation since August 2014, MORE Uganda has helped run an ESL School in partnership with a Norwegian organization Refugee Alliance. MORE’s team visits periodically refugee resettlement camps providing support and identifying best ways to implement development projects


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MORE Southeast Asia’s efforts are focused on refugee assistance and resettlement and community development initiatives with local Christians. Our base provides support and refuge to Christians of surrounding nations that are undergoing persecution.


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MORE Middle East started in 2014 with the goal to strengthen the suffering church in the region and to provide support to christians fleeing persecution and looking for refuge. 

MORE has small business initiatives aimed at helping Christians find work and dignity. There is also a dental and medical clinic for the community. MORE’s missionaries do on going visits to nearby refugee camps to provide discipleship and relief. 



MORE USA started in 2016 with the purpose to raise awareness about the suffering church with the american church and to build partnerships that will help support MORE’s global projects.


MORE Nepal works in partnership with other organizations and local churches. Our team is located in Kathmandu, the capital and visits the interior of the country periodically. MORE’s work has been concentrated mainly in the provinces of Dolakha and Sindhupalchok, which were deeply affected by the 2015 Earthquake.Nosso objetivo é desenvolver projetos que visem à recuperação da agricultura de subsistência – principal fonte de renda destas populações. A partir deste trabalho será possível promover meios de geração de renda para os camponeses por meio do comércio e exportação.

The goal for this location is to develop projects with local farmers to recover their land and subsistence, which is their main source of incone. As a result of this work, MORE believes we will be able to provide more income and support to the local communities.


Since early 2015 MORE Italy has been providing support to refugee resettlement projects and working alongside the Italian church. MORE Italy’s director has been working with refugee initiatives since 2011.

Our goal is to raise awareness amongst the Italian church to the reality of the Suffering church and the refugees that are arriving at the Italian shores daily.


MORE started as a response to the Haiti earthquake in 2010. After the emergency aid that was provided, MORE started it’s base with the focus to develop mid and long term recovering projects around the nation in partnership with local Haitian churches.

MORE Haiti has a Community Development School that is provided free of charge and is a training program to our Small Business initiatives which hold three core principles: financial investment, people development, and discipleship. Our program with those that want to participate in our school and small business initiatives lasts eighteen months. MORE Haiti also has ongoing projects with a local orphanage and a music school (REMIX School) .

Guinea Bissau

MORE Guinea Bissau is working in partnership with House Emanuel, a local orphanage. Our missionaries have been discipling and equipping teenagers and local children, many of which have never left the orphanage compound.


More Colombia started in late 2014. Most of it’s efforts are related to Small Business initiative in the rural area. In partnership with local churches MORE has also been providing support to internally displaced refugees that are running away from guerrillas and the internal conflict that has been ongoing for decades.


Central Asia

MORE Central Asia is providing support to Christians that are suffering persecution due to local regimes. Our missionaries have been encouraging and discipling local leadership.



In 2015, MORE started a new base in the northeastern region of Brazil in the deep drylands. In partnership with other missions, MORE has started small business initiatives to provide income and discipleship to families. As a result, a toy factory and a guitar factory are now in operation.