Memorial day is a very noble holiday. Americans take this time to remember those who bravely gave their lives for this country. These people are heroes, along with their families and loved ones, who courageously responded to the call of duty.

On this day, as the country celebrates these soldiers’ lives, MORE wants to celebrate the lives of some other heroes who fought for God’s cause. Many of these folks hail from countries other than the United States, where the price for being a Christian is very high.

You may have heard of Polycarpus, Bishop of Smyrna, who was burned in public for the sake of his faith and ministry. Or the Chinese pastor Watchman Nee, who died in jail for the same reason.

But there are so many unknown Christians who most people don’t know, whose faith has cost them their lives.

In Nigeria, Eunice Olawale was killed on July 9th, 2016, at the age of 41. Mother of seven, she was a Deaconess of her church and a street evangelist. She was being threatened for months by Muslim radicals because of her dedicated work in the streets of Kubwa. She was stabbed multiple times, and people heard her screaming “Blood of Jesus” at the time of her murder. Her Bible and megaphone were close to her body when she was found. Eunice’s death provoked great international attention and definitely increased the animosity between Christians and Muslims in Nigeria.

Many years ago, when I lived in China, I met a young man called Dawei, who I had the honor to lead to Christ at his college campus. He was a very smart young man who dreamed of becoming a doctor. Dawei’s father was a prominent leader of the Communist party in his region. As he became a Christian, his own family became his first major challenge. Dawei moved to another province and started a college ministry that led dozens to the Lord. Unfortunately, he was later caught and imprisoned. Unofficial sources told us in 2006 that Dawei died in jail. His name was never in the press, and no global advocacy campaign was initiated to release him. He simply did what the Lord led him to do, and he definitely had his name celebrated in Heaven. In his last message to me, he wrote in big letters: IT IS WORTH IT!

There are thousands of stories just waiting to be told from every corner of the globe. Most of these Christians do not see themselves as heroes, and in fact, are honored to suffer for Christ. However, as we stand on their memory and keep praying for the suffering church, our Christian worldwide nation is made victorious along with the Lamb. To Him be the glory.

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